Friday, December 7, 2007

Mediation Final Draft

As our society continues to create new inventions, increase its number of factories and automobiles, and expand its population, the environment continues to be destroyed. Although methods of production and quality of goods continue to improve; however, there is one thing that we continue to forget, we as a community keep on producing toxic waste and harmful gases into the atmosphere. As the effect of global warming continues to increase, so does the importance and concern for it. “It is no longer a prediction, it is a fact: the globe is getting warmer. Meteorologist, Climatologist, and other scientist have already described the changes in numerous articles and books” (P. 13 Valsson). “We spend billions of dollars each year debating and showing that global warming exist, when we should be putting that funding towards other programs or further research about global warming” (P. 2 Climate Change). Global warming occurs due to the emission of greenhouse gases. This is the result of automobiles, waste and factory emissions, and our refusal to take care of our environment. “Methane, carbon dioxide, and nitrous oxide are a few of the most common greenhouse gases emitted. Carbon dioxide is the result of burning fossil fuels, solid waste, and trees. Whereas methane is emitted due to production or transport of coal, natural gas, and oil” (US EPA). Most people do not know who is to blame because of global warming, or who is responsible to change what we have created. Some say that it is the responsibility of public sectors such as the government, both large and small, while others debate that it is the responsibility of private sectors such as companies and the people. Whomever you may feel is responsible, the matter of fact is that global warming needs to stop. “Glaciers are melting, and our environment is being destroyed” (Seattle Times). However, in order to make a difference and reduce global warming, it is the responsibility and job for big government, small government, companies, and people to change their past ways, and make a habit of being environmentally friendly.

In the United States of America, the federal government is the supreme word of the land. It is well obeyed and respected. If the federal government created an institute or organization that was directed solely for global warming, there would be huge amounts of progress towards reducing global warming. Having sufficient amount of funding, this organization can employ huge efforts and improvements towards global warming. Within this institute, offices would be held, different branches and areas could be made, and studies and research towards new development and Ideas could be found. This institution would be well appreciated and treasured by the American people. The big government would set regulations, guidelines, and laws for small government, businesses, and people to follow. With stricter regulations towards waste disposal and gas emissions companies will emit extremely smaller amounts of greenhouse gases. For all of this to occur, the United States federal government is going to have to be able and willing to finally take a stand on global warming. “February of 2005, the United States government turned down and did not agree to the UN Global Warming Treaty, which requires more than 30 industrialized nations to significantly reduce the number of man-made greenhouse gases emitted by 2012” (Page 5 US Senate). As seen in previous years, our government continues to refuse to change. First, our government is going to have to be willing.

The power of government is not just at the Federal level. “Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger called for the state of California’s greenhouse gas emission to reduce by at least 80% over the next 5 decades” (USA Today). Small government is able to regulate and actually impose the laws to the community. Small government has the ability of going out into the real world and making sure that its people are complying with the law. Small violators of the law will be fined for their actions, while all serious violators will receive severe punishment and taken for further investigations. Having small government involved will enable the big government sector to not have to go out into the community and make sure all is well. They would be able to concentrate on different and distinct areas such as if everything is going as planed and research in future methods and products. They will have the authority and responsibility to go within factories and companies making sure that all methods of productions and waste are within regulations. The effect of small government will ensure progress in the institutes and regulations imposed by the federal government.

Many corporations and businesses produce enormous amounts of greenhouse gases. “20% of the greenhouse gases emitted each year is the result of burning rainforest” ( Therefore, as our companies continue to carelessly harm our environment, we as a society continue to dig ourselves into a deeper hole. Companies are going to have to be willing to invest in new methods of production, which reduce the number of greenhouse gases emitted. In addition, an increase of research and “green” products will help better our environment. “General Electric (GE) Chairman Jeffrey Immelt reported that GE will Invest $1.5 billion a year in order to research conservation, pollution, and emission of greenhouse gases” (USA Today). Initiatives such as this are necessary to make a difference. Many other companies have realized that the world needs to become more environmentally friendly, and have created their own research and development fields. In the Automobile industry, many companies have imposed a hydrogen fuel cell research and development branch, which will enable automobiles’ emissions to be water instead of carbon dioxide. With regulations and changes in production, companies will dramatically decrease the overall amount of greenhouse gases emitted.

The Last and most important sector that is responsible for global warming is the people. If people are unwilling to change, then the efforts or others are worthless. While people show the integrity and willingness to be safe towards the environment, not all do. We as a community need to improve our efforts to simple and safe methods such as carpooling, investing in future “green” products, recycling, etc. Changing our habits of poor environmental awareness and becoming more environmentally friendly does not just include following the regulations and laws by the government, or being a part of a company that disposes of waste properly. It is the little things that when no one is around is import. In the United States, we continue to drive “gas guzzlers” and refuse to invest in cars with high fuel economy. Cars with high fuel efficiency, reduces the amount of fossil fuels burned. The carbon dioxide emitted from transportation represents about 30% of the greenhouse gas emission in the United States” (P. 55 U.S. Congress). For instance, we must show a constant effort towards reducing global warming at all times and soon it will have become second nature and a habit.

While the effects of Global warming are minimal now, they can soon turn into long-term and irreversible results. We as a community must stand up for right, and conjoin together in our efforts towards reducing global warming. If one of the sectors refuses to make a difference, the efforts of all are wasted. Both private and public sectors are the answer the question, “who is responsible for global warming”, because with the efforts of both it is possible to live in a safe environment that can be enjoyed for generations here to come.

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Monday, December 3, 2007


In recent years, scientists have almost unanimously accepted that the world’s climate is changing. This “global warming,” as it is commonly known, poses serious threats to the welfare of many of the earth’s species, including the human race. But who is responsible for reversing this trend? Some think that individuals and companies should take responsibility. Yet, many are unwilling to change their ways. That leads to the other side of the argument: government needs to pass laws to regulate emissions. Both sides have valid arguments, thus, I will mediate between the two sides.

Monday, November 19, 2007


While global warming is such an important subject in todays world, there are few things to consider. Who is responsible? Since only a some individuals care about keeping our world green and few companies are willing to spend the extra time and money improving emission and waste control, the government is responsible. In my paper i will show many reasons with support showing that the government should take a stand on global warming because the general public and businesses have constantly shown an unwillingness. I will show a counter argument saying that how even though the government may be the one to help global warming, we the people can still do things to help and improve our environment. I will finish my argument by saying which candidates in the upcoming election show the most willingness and ability to help global warming.

Reason 1: The US is the second most emitter of CO2, behind china

Reason 2: The government needs to impose regulations and laws. Limiting the amount of emissions, improving waste disposals, and improving technology will allow safer and fewer emissions. First, the right people must be elected in order to make a change, whether it be state or national government.,2933,232219,00.html

Sunday, November 11, 2007


Global warming refers to the increase in the Earths surface temperature. Over the past decades, the average earths temperature has been slowly increasing. Increasing temperatures cause the sea level to rise and also cause more severe weather. This is due to the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse gases are water vapor, methane, carbon dioxide, and ozone. Most of these are the products of the fossil fuels that we burn. With few restraints, and the constantly increasing of emissions, few know who to blame
The topic of discussion is global warming and who to blame. The stand that i am going to take is that corporations are responsible. In support to this claim, i will research the emissions of greenhouse gases that are causing global warming, and facts showing the either the amounts or percentage that they contribute. With the new elections coming up, global warming is an important topic. Candidates views about whose to blame, and how to change it is important to most all voters.